The Friends of Anne Bradstreet
Steering Committee

Karen M. Kline, chair
Poet Laureate of North Andover
and executive director
American Community Think Tank

Professor Gordene MacKenzie
Dept of Women’s & Gender Studies
Merrimack College

Susan Lenoe, actress & storyteller

Michael G. Finegold, music coordinator
Artistic Director, Essex Chamber Music Players

Nella Lush, artist
President, Andovers Artists Guild

Edward S. Wang, marketing

Peter Baylies, webdesign / webmaster

2 thoughts on “Committee”

  1. Cindy Robinson said:

    Anne Bradstreet is alive and well in our Louisiana Curriculum! My students and I study Anne and her poems in English III, American Literature. She is the first person to study. Cindy Robinson

  2. Thank you so much for putting together this webpage, and for hosting so many events in honor of Anne Bradstreet. Unfortunately, my interest in this pioneer has only developed recently. (And, similar to Dr. Kline, my interests have been in biology, but unlike Dr. Kline, mine have mostly stayed there!)

    Do you have any other events planned where I might get a better feel for Anne Bradstreet’s life and works?

    Thank for your time.

    Peace, Phil

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