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For April 30th  World Peace Community Read 

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World Peace seems more elusive than ever . . . is there anything we can do? Could the poetic word help?

To many, those questions seem incongruous. I disagree.
My name is Karen M. Kline and I’ve worked with adults and children of all ages with poetry for over 20 years, the last three as poet laureate of North Andover, Massachusetts.

Since 2006, many of the projects have had the title World Peace.
That was the theme of the “Great Groton Poetry Walkabout” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of National Poetry Month. Each student of Florence Roche Elementary School wrote a peace poem and then added artwork to their page for emphasis. Five-hundred eighty-eight poems were distributed throughout town for display in April, 2006.  It was a great success.

Since then, I have been suggesting World Peace to nearly every parent and teacher if asked for a theme.

Now, is it possible to expand upon that concept?

We invite you to join an exciting event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of America’s National Poetry Month with a “World Peace Community Read” April 30th, 2016.

The rules are very, very simple. Invite friends and family to join you in a large open space nearby and pass out poems (yet to be decided upon) to be recited by the entire company gathered with you.

If one wish could be heard ’round the world to help save us all, may it be Peace!  

Envision citizens of all countries joining together on one day to demonstrate the power of poetry.

Some believe in that power and in all of the people who will speak words of harmony, words of Peace!

This event costs nothing. Could it be of value? Is it worth your time?

Please, let us know your feelings, thoughts and suggestions . . . and thank you for your kind attention.