Hello, Friends of Anne Bradstreet!

As Thanksgiving nears and 2012 draws to a close, I want to give thanks for all of you. Over this special year, you came from near and far to celebrate Anne.

On a dark, mysterious farm field on January 1st we began with “Fire and Ice” to honor both Mistress Bradstreet and Robert Frost, our Lawrence neighbor.

We had programs every month, some small gatherings for a few and others reaching hundreds of people through concerts, festivals and symposia.

Cities and towns from Boston and Cambridge to the Valley of the Poets here in Essex County shared the joy of Anne, her words and her work

I thank you one and all for your contributions in so many creative ways to make this a magical year. Anne also thanks you!

Shalom, Karen

PS We continue on with a Spring program to rededicate the Anne Dudley Bradstreet Gate at Harvard University for her 401st birthday.